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Hualpén, is a Commune located 316 miles south from Santiago in the VIII Region Bío-Bío, next to other eleven communes they conform the Province of Concepción , Chile.

Hualpén, has been transformed into the second commune more densely populated in the region. According to the Census 2002, the population of Hualpén has 86,722 habitants, reaching a density of 1.618 hab./Km2, in a surface of 53,6 Km2.

Hualpén displays a great ecological potential, based on an important biodiversity of species present in the natural systems of the commune, such as; native forest, humedales, salt marshes and a small rich coastal edge rich in marine resources. Therefore this fact constitutes a natural and genetic reserve of invaluable wealth. The salt marsh of Lenga, presented only in few parts in the planet and only in four points of Chile , is a clear example of the wealth of the natural ecosystems of the commune.